Sample Engineering Essays On Global Trade and Environmental Impact

Homework Question on Global Trade, Customer Experience, and Environmental Impact

Problem 1:

  • Learn about the details of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a recently reached trade agreement among the Pacific Rim countries.
  • Write a brief summary (1 page, 1.5 space 12 pt font) of the key elements and its potential impact it may have on your country of origin Canada (whether it borders Pacific Ocean or not).
  • Provide a list of at least 5 references you have consulted searching for the facts about TPP (excluding Wikipedia).

Problem 2:

  • Describe both your best and worst customer experience with a PRODUCT (it can be two separate instances)
  • Describe a product(s).
  • Describe your expectations with regard to a product.
  • How did the product perform with regard to your expectations?
  • Why do you think it counts as your best/worst experience?

Problem 3:

  • Write a short summary (1 page, 1.5 spaced 12 pt font) on the environmental impact of the product that you are working on (solar charging phone case over its life cycle.

Homework Answer on Global Trade, Customer Experience, and Environmental Impact

Global Trade

The TPP is a trade partnership between 12 nations of the Pacific Rim. The deal aims at enacting agreements in the areas of tariffs, intellectual property rights, environmental and labor standards, and corporations suing governments, data flows, and services (Engebretson 1). The deal will eliminate tariffs on imports and create a Pacific Rim free-trade zone. The deal will also impose rigorous labor and environmental laws.

Under the deal, Intellectual property rights will be supervised, copyright terms lengthened, cross-border data flow unblocked, and national requirements and restrictions on investing eased (Granville 1). Moreover, clauses to ensure competitive neutrality, especially in government-owned enterprises have been included. An ‘investor-state dispute settlement clause has been instituted to enable companies to sue other PTT-member governments for flouting business regulations.

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Additional clauses govern other areas of electronic commerce, development, transparency and anticorruption, regulatory coherence, trade remedies, and financial services (GOC 1). The agreement will have numerous impacts on Canada. The positive effects include an upsurge in trade due to the elimination of tariffs, better labor mobility for highly skilled workers, and an upsurge in foreign car parts entering Canada.