Sample Education Research Paper Summary on the Gap Between African America Education and White Education

The Gap Between African America Education and White Education

There is an existing gap between the level of education achieved by African Americans and that achieved by whites that is continuing to grow on a daily basis. This gap is the result of factors such as racial segregation, poverty, lack of will and unequal access to resources for education. Various pieces of literature have discussed this growing gap, presenting differing information on the same. The relationship between college education and high quality of life is reported on by various authors who attribute the gap in education between the African Americans and the whites to racial segregation and reduced school spending. While discussing this gap, recommendations have been made to reduce the level of segregation in schools in order to see a rise in the education level of African Americans.

According to Fryer and Levitt, factors such as poverty and social positions affect the level of education of students. This assertion is further developed by other authors who suggest that mental disparity exists between young children of different origins and that this can be used to indicate that African Americans are more disadvantaged compared to whites. The role of poverty in the education gap is explained to be due to the introduction of the public school system which leads to mass dropout, involvement in crime and continued cycle of poverty.

Culture is also cited to be a major determinant of education level among students as it affects who the students emulate. In addition to this, access to educational resources and the quality of educators available for the students also affects how far they reach. Besides poverty, it is claimed that the difference in social capabilities between students also creates self-esteem issues among students which results to the lack of motivation to learn.

Based on the finding that education is critical for a successful future among all American youths, equal opportunity as a part of education is very essential. However, many students experience racial discrimination and are faced with various social discrimination issues which deny them the opportunity to engage in their studies successfully. Cultural deficiencies have also been established to be contributing to the education gap since some students are capable of getting more support and attention from their parents than others.

The implication is that despite the lack of intellectual disparity, the disparity in cultures contributes to differences in educational levels.  Apart from this, the black students go to public schools where they experience high student- teacher ratios resulting in less attention to each student. This makes it difficult to cope particularly when students have issues that prevent them from working hard.

Despite the challenges faced in the academic sector, various organizations such as HBCUs have formed forces aimed at liberating the African Americans from their poverty and poor perception of the education system by advocating for equality in education consultation. By making education a mandatory and fundamental part of life, it could be possible to address the issue of educational gap between whites and African Americans.

Economic bureaucracies will enable the African Americans to receive education in schools that match those in which the white students learn. In conclusion, the problem of disparity between African American children’s education and that of their counterparts who are white is caused through racial segregation rather than through difference in intellectual capacities. In order for this disparity to be ended, there is need for wages to be harmonized to prevent wage discrimination among whites and the African Americans.

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