Sample Education Research Paper Summary on Biology for Social Workers

Biology for Social Workers

Sample Education Research Paper on Biology for Social WorkersTaking care of patients who are chronically ill is one of the biggest challenges of the social work profession. The increase in the number of people who require specialized care from the social workers makes this even more crucial in practice. As people are increasingly being diagnosed with chronic conditions, there is need to create awareness of the possibility of survival following the diagnosis. Patients with chronic conditions have to be assured of their possibility of living. This takes place even for mentally ill people. In the case of mental illness, the theory of cultural determinism explains that the environment and the biological conditions surrounding a person may influence their behaviors. As such, the treatment of mentally ill people should thus take into consideration the environment and the biological conditions surrounding the patients to achieve nursing effectiveness. Social workers can help the mentally ill to adapt to their environments and thus improve their overall happiness (Pinto, 2006).

Although cultural determinism theories can be used to explain the behaviors of the mentally ill, it is important to note that those people who are targeted by the theories rarely seek medical attention. The social workers assisting them towards achieving improvement therefore have the responsibility of guiding the mentally ill towards achieving greater happiness. The affected often feel discriminated and prejudiced. It is therefore important for the social workers to help them in eliminating these fears so that they can gain assistance. Since the environment affects the well being of the affected individuals immensely, it is important for the social workers to apply both biological and cultural determinism theories in the treatment of the mentally ill patients.



Pinto, R. M. (2006). Using Social Network Interventions to Improve Mentally Ill Clients’ well-Being. Clinical social work journal, 34:1, pp. 83-100.


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