Sample Education Paper On University of San Francisco

Homework Question on Reason for Transferring to University of San Francisco

  • Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve.
  1. Reason for transferring = such as to achieve academic goal or etc, and talk about other reasons that related to the question such as future (SUGGESTION) ( you can pick any type of reason that you think is the answer to the question. Up to you what you want to write. I’m just giving suggestion. at least pick 4/5 reason that its a good quality)
  2. Objectives that i want to achieve = mainly talk/list about the good quality of the UNIVERSITY OF SANFRANCISCO and then relate to my objectives. ( so that it is related )

Homework Answer on Reason for Transferring to University of San Francisco

This is to inform you of my intentions to transfer to University of San Francisco. My stay with you has been awesome owing to the support I received from my fellow students and teachers. The learning environment has been good and motivating. My decision for transfer has been informed byseveral factors which I fill will impact on me positively. Since my childhood my passion has been pursuing a course in business and become a business administrator.

This will not be achieved if I don’t join a reputable university offering a course in business administration. After thorough search for an ideal and reputable university for me to enroll in, I found that University of San Francisco meets my requirements. Apart from University of San Francisco meeting my requirements, it is one of the re-known institution offering business courses.

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The experience that students receive from University of San Francisco is one of its kind. Students are attached internally in the university departments after which the university will find external internships to enable them get firsthand experience in the business field. Apart from the university being strategically located in serene environment,it has a conducive environment suitable for learning which will enable me to concentrate on my studies.