Sample Education Paper On The Caring Adults Promise

Homework Question on The Caring Adults Promise

  • Community and Interagency Context : America’s Promise is an organization with the goal of ending the dropout rate in this country. Information about America’s Promise can be found at the following website:
  • Caring Adults is one of the five promises of the group.
  1. Discuss the ways in which school-community partnerships can assist in achieving the Caring Adults promise.
  • Chapter 13 – Issues Related to Educational Collaboration Describe some special issues concerning collaboration within technology-based environments. What are the advantages and disadvantage of this type of collaboration?

Homework Answer on The Caring Adults Promise

Caring adults are people who guide, advice, and motivate the young generation. The school-community partnership will ensure that the youth get moral guidance to face the future. This helps mold the young ones to become who they aspire to be. Children follow and copy their parent’s behavioral attributes. My opinion is that the community should be integrated into the schooling system to allow behavioral learning that is critical to the lives of the young people.

Another way is supporting the young ones with material items, such as books and financial support for these programs. Thus, this facilitates the environment, which is favorable for learning purposes. Lastly, Collaboration between the two institutions facilitates knowledge acquisition by learners.

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Educational Collaboration

The collaborative environment features virtual team, improved communication, and quick decision-making. Virtual team represents student working as a group from different locations. The process of making decision is hastened by the availability of information and persuasion from peers. Decision adopted may be misleading hence unfavorable. The advantage of this kind of collaboration is that students share ideas and express feeling in a formalized manner through discussion boards. This enhances their communication and analytical skills.