Sample Education Paper On Policy Evaluation Analysis

Homework Question on Policy Evaluation Analysis

  • Write a word paper in which you analyze the student loan federal policy.
  • Answer the following questions in your analysis:
  1. When should this policy be evaluated?
  2. How should it be evaluated?
  3. Who should be responsible for carrying out the studies? Who should control the process?
  4. What are the possible end results?
  5. Who benefits from the evaluation?
  6. What are the ethical and social concerns that must be considered first?
  7. How has financial legislation affected the policy and its development?

Homework Answer on Policy Evaluation Analysis

The Student Loan Federal Policy

The student loan federal policy was established to help students borrow loans or acquire financial aid enabling them to complete studies. They are however required to repay the loans in order for more than twenty million students to gain education in the future. The student loan federal policy however has not been evaluated in order to adjust the interest rates since inception. This has led to widespread criticism against the program.

The student loan federal policy program should to be evaluated based on current socioeconomic factors. This should involve assessing the current risk factors influencing the program’s functions and operations. The assessment however ought to consider evaluating factors either within or out of the students’ control. For example, some students cannot control their academic decisions and choices. Thus, they are unable to control the financial burden they have to meet and fulfill in order to complete and succeed pursuing the academic choice (CPEC, 2006).

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The student loan federal policy does not evaluate such risks in order to adjust interest rates enabling more students to qualify for the financial aid. This has led to increase in student loan debts increasing default rates. The federal government is therefore required to cover the high default rates. This strategy was formulated and implemented ensuring current and future students do not lack financial aid to pursue education due to financial burden caused by people who were also learners relying on the grants in the past.