Sample Education Paper On Nonverbal Communications

Homework Question on Nonverbal Communications

  1. How aware are you of nonverbal communications in your interactions?
  • Using text pages 59-63 as a reference make a list of the nonverbal means of communication that you personally use.
  • The text book is : Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals, 7/E Marilyn Friend, Lynne Cook, California State University, Dominguez Hills ISBN-10: 0132774925 • ISBN-13: 978013277

Homework Answer on Nonverbal Communications

The use of nonverbal communication has dominated most of my interactions, especially with classmates, in the playground, marketplaces among other aspects of life that I get myself engaged in. In most human interactions, the use of non-verbal communication, together with verbal communications enhances the whole communication process through ease in conveying the message (Marilyn Friend, 2012).

It is more efficient when the communicating parties understand the different meanings and messages sent the various body movements, signs and gestures among others.In my daily interactions, most of the nonverbal communications that dominate are the usage of visual cues, distance, paralanguage, haptics, eye contact, facial expressions and chronemics. Among the visual cues include body language, also referred as kinesics.

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Haptics involve communication through touch and depending on individual factors, the use of touch usually suggest attention to my colleagues, others indicating affection interest, dominance and caring for others. Usually, when the touching process is considered appropriate, it results in positive reactions in the person being touched. For the case of distance or polemics, some of my friends usually often refer to their need for personal space, which acts as an important type of nonverbal communication.