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Homework Question on Studying Mechanical Engineering in Kuwait and the UK

  1. Comparative between Studying Mechanical Engineering in Kuwait and the UK

Homework Answer on Studying Mechanical Engineering in Kuwait and the UK

The education system in Kuwait and the United Kingdom is very diverse. Both nations have certain standards that ensure quality education for its people. Mechanical engineering has become a very essential educational program in the current generation. Industrialization and the era of technical advancements require people to be well equipped for the next level. Mechanical engineering helps to equip learners with the right skills to function effectively in the new world through improved technical knowhow.

Nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States are pioneers of engineering studies, but different nations around the world have embraced the approach to provide the necessary labor for their companies. Kuwait is among the Asian nations that have the capacity to grow in the industrial world (Alshumrani, Alromi & Wiseman, 2014: 75). As such, engineering courses in the nation are taught in a diverse way to ensure that students are equipped in different aspects of the engineering profession.

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On the other hand, the education system in the United Kingdom is more focused because the nation has a better understanding of the industrial world. However, the differences and the similarities between the systems in both nations do not compromise the quality of education in either of the nations.In the United Kingdom, freedom of education is highly practiced, allowing students to choose the units and the mode of study they want to take.