Sample Education Paper On International Economic Interdependence

Homework Question on International Economic Interdependence and Global Information and Technology

  1. Why is the study of international economic interdependence and global information and technology important to current educational leaders?
  2. What is the most important lesson an educational leader can learn from studying these areas.

Homework Answer on International Economic Interdependence and Global Information and Technology

In order to have internationally competent citizenry, an effective education program that addresses global trends and needs must be established. Presently, it is not satisfactory to focus exclusively on ensuring that learners have necessary writing, reading and science skills. We have an interconnected world that requires the capability to think innovatively and critically while solving complex issues, the disposition and knowledge to engage internationally and advanced technical skills.

The study of global economic interdependence and international information technology thus prepares a student and the nation at large for a world whereby there is economic competiveness and employment. Trans-global communication and trade are becoming gradually more part of the day-to-day work of both small and large businesses. With this kind of study, educational leaders will be able to prepare students to be successful in such environments as well as have the capability to understand and interrelate with the real world.

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Students will also have broad skills in addressing issues, disasters and phenomenon that are experienced internationally (Elizabeth & Misty 58).The most significant lesson and educational leader can learn by studying these areas is that, good quality education begins with transparency of purpose. In this case, education is meant to prepare a student for life in the real world within his/her community and society. Therefore, good educational leaders realize that the world will always remain unified and interdependent.