Sample Education Paper on Different between Metal and Wood

Topic: Different between Metal and Wood
Lesson Plan 1: Kindergarten

Content Objectives:
What do you want the children to learn?

Academic Language:
What vocabulary might you use with children? What vocabulary words will you target in your
lesson? How will you utilize play to reinforce vocabulary?

Next Generation Early Learning Standards (limit to 2-3 max):
• If you teach children under three years old, you will use the New York State Early Learning Guidelines
•If you teach four-year-old, you will use the New York State Pre-K Foundations for the Common Core
and the Next Generation ELA Standards
• If you teach children over four years old, you will use the New York State Next Generation ELA Standards

Resources and Materials:
What resources will you use – visual aids, books, props, etc.
What materials will children use?

Procedure: (Whole Group/Small Group/Centers/Teacher-Directed/Independent Work):
Getting Ready: Preparation of the lesson. What needs to be in place?
Provocation: What question/comment/material serves as your introduction?
Developing the Concepts: Step by step, description of what you will do; Describe what the children will be asked to do. Describe in detail how you will organize the learning experiences (as if you are explaining it to a substitute).
Accommodations: Include how you will provide support for 2nd language learners and children with a diagnosed or undiagnosed special need.
Closing (if appropriate): What will the children share from their work/play?

How will you check for understanding during and after lesson? What formative and summative
assessment will you use?

Which of the following will you use to document children’s outcomes for this lesson/experience?
-Analysis of photographs, artwork, drawings, work samples, etc.
-Tape (audio/video) recordings of children’s conversations
-Analysis of young children’s writing from a developmental perspective -Academic vocabulary children are able to use during lesson -Evidence of content learning
-Questions children ask, and responses children provide
-Portfolio (collection of a child’s work overtime) -Rubric