Sample Education Paper On Consultation,Coaching and Mentoring

Homework Question on Consultation, Coaching and Mentoring

  1. Describe four suggestions for getting the most out of consultation, coaching, or mentoring.
  • The text book is Fiend, M. & Cook, L. (2013). Interactions : Collaboration Skills For School Professionals. Pearson Education(US).

Homework Answer on Consultation, Coaching and Mentoring

A counselor has a lot to do in engaging clients who visit his or her office. In order to get the most out of a consultation or coaching or a mentoring session, counselors/mentors or coaches should do as outlined below. First, the client should be prepared in advance for the activity.  Preparation may be in terms of psychological or physical facilitation to attain stability. However, the coach does not benefit a lot from participating in this endeavor like the client.

For consulting, mentoring or coaching; the party’s relationship is based on a mutually exclusive affair. Secondly, the material needed for the endeavor should be provided. One party demonstrates what needs to be done physically while the other practices as directed. This means that resources are key inputs for having a successful program. The third point is that the mentor should develop and provide a definite schedule (Friend & Marilyn, 2013).

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Having a well-defined schedule is the first step in planning for the coaching, mentoring, or consultation process. This is because of the fact that parties make arrangements and personal plans guided by the schedule outlined by the coach.The last point concerns the setting up of goals for the coaching initiative. Goals and objectives guide the participants while maintaining their focus on the main agenda as time progresses.