Sample Education Paper On A Semester Plan For A Disabled Student

Homework Question on A Semester Plan For A Disabled Student

You are to develop a semester long plan for this student in terms of what classes the student will take and provide information as to what teacher characteristics you think he/she needs and justify your decisions for all classes. It will probably need to be fleshed out in terms of details regarding disabilities, etc. Some information you may need to “create” or just “make-up.” Remember that the student should have some compelling issues that require you to collaborate.

  • Will the student have a full-day or part day schedule and why?
  • Will the student need to be in co-taught classes for any content area?
  • Which ones and why? Should the courses occur in any special order during the school day?
  • If so, why? What special materials/resources/services will the student need and why?
  • Examples might include social issues, door to door bus transportation, feeding/toileting issues, etc.
  • What accommodations will the student need to be successful in his/her classes?

Homework Answer on A Semester Plan For A Disabled Student

Melodie is a Grade 1 six-year old girl with an ADHD condition. This condition has made it difficult for the girl to do well in her studies. The main problem is with her memory as she fails to remember most of the things she has been talk in class. Therefore, she has two conditions she has to cope with in order to make life easy. The first one is the ADHD condition that requires appropriate medication, and the second one being the inability to learn and remember things fast enough.

For these reasons, it is important to come up with a plan on how to help her learn well in her new school. Without a proper plan, the girl will not be able to get the best care and learning opportunity, since her case is special.

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The teacher in charge should possess certain characteristics in order to help the girl cope and make progress in the learning process. Foremost, the teacher should be very patient with Melodie because of her inability to remember things fast enough. An impatient teacher may end up worsening her situation. Good communication skills will be required in order to encourage her towards improving herself. On the same note, analysis found that Melodie does well when she is praised after accomplishing a task. Therefore, the teacher should be able to encourage and compliment her in the learning process.