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Homework Question on What Are the Qualities of Great Leaders

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  • The Review should include a critical analysis of SIX (6) journal articles.
  • The analysis should include an overview of the theoretical significance of selected articles for you and possible implications for your intended research approach.
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  4. Interesting and engaging integration of theory and personal experience
  5. Accurate interpretation of theories and ideas from a range of resources (minimum of 6 scholarly journal articles).

Homework Answer on What Are the Qualities of Great Leaders

Human beings are social beings. There is therefore need to regulate the behavior of humankind so as to achieve not only a lawful and just society but also an excellent institution. These can hardly be achieved without the presence of great leaders in society. The education sector is not an exception; dominated by teachers, students and support staff, the departments are managed and controlled by leaders who may either be elected or appointed. Moreover, an overall board of management that determines the success of the entire institution maintains all these departments.

All these leaders have to posses certain qualities for them to be not necessarily good leaders but great leaders. The former is not sufficient for exemplary performance thus the reason why this paper focuses on ascertaining the particular qualities of great leaders.Tomlinson (2015) adapts Sergiovanni’s hierarchy of leadership to understand what would make a school outstanding. He points out five categories of leaders: technical, human, educational, symbolic, and cultural leadership (p. 89).

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A technical leader is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and ensuring that the whole educational system / institution is functional. Human leaders harness to make sure that people experience support, encouragement, and opportunity for growth. Educational leaders are responsible for developing and sharing expertise based on the various aspects of schooling. They ensure that the students get the necessary education and the faculty acquires the essential professional growth resources to ensure high levels of education.