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Homework Question on The Gifted and Talented

  •  I live in the state of Florida Based on your investigation of gifted and talented services in your school, describe what you learned:
  1. Compare how your state defines gifted and talented with the definition in the text. How are they similar or different? Which do you prefer, and why?
  2. Describe the learning opportunities and services that are offered in your school system. How do those compare to the types of services and opportunities described in the chapter you read?

Homework Answer on The Gifted and Talented

A gifted and talented student is one who has exceptional ability in intellect, arts, leadership or sports above those of the age mates. The school and community should provide them with the special opportunity to further develop their talent and skill. Because they possess higher aptitude than most of their peers, they learn faster in their area of talent. It becomes necessary to identify their talent early in life. The close relatives and teachers have to labor together to choose them out.

Several of them are evident in high level of curiosity at an early age. Some also shun the company of fellow children preferring adults (Ball & Kirklees, 2002).                          They also at an early age may begin to manifest an ability to draw connections and make logical arguments. Exceptional memory and originality are some other characteristics exhibited by this group.

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When a parent notices some of these qualities he should liaise with the school to further test and prove if true. He may approach the class teacher who is then able to monitor the student closely. Further Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests will have to be done by the school on the student. If they are convinced, the student is referred to a psychologist who will carry out an evaluation on him. The student is then put on a specialized education program depending on his talent.