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Homework Question on State Of Education

The specific purposes of the online journal are to:

  • Create a mechanism by which students can think deeply about the issues and reading. Read selections in Part I from ( Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings, edited by Alan S. Canestrari and Bruce A. Marlowe. )
  • Provide a method for students to share their observations about how they perceive theories being enacted in real life Your posts for the online journal may do the following:
  1. Provide a real-life observation—this may be very general for the first couple of posts, and may include your initial ideas about what you think your philosophy of education is, your views on the state of education today, your personal thoughts about the profession, etc
  2. Relate the reading ( selections in Part I from (Educational Foundations: An Anthology of Critical Readings, edited by Alan S. Canestrari and Bruce A. Marlowe.) to a real-life situation.
  • This may not be possible in all posts, but the point is to attempt to think about whether we see some of the theories we read in class actualized in the school setting or in our lives.
  • You may decide to tell a short story, share your point of view about a subject, etc. Essentially, just imagine that this online journal is your personal diary, designed specifically for you to reflect on the educational process in every sense. In this online journal students should feel free to post about any number of issues, concerns, or observations they may have into the field of education.

Homework Answer on State Of Education

Education’s primary purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Nevertheless, this cannot be accomplished if skills will not be infused with the education or knowledge gathered in learning. In real life situations today, it is common to find people who have acquired education in a specific profession, but who are substantially not able to deliver when called to do so. This is mostly attributable to the fact that a good fraction of people are in profession/careers which they do not have a passion in.

Thus they are lacking that positive attitude or aggressiveness to pursue those professions/careers.The other thing is that there is need to standardise the education curriculum such that each person in a certain career/profession learns from a common base/platform. Standardization comes along with quality education, where we have few students attended to in a lecture room rather than having ‘crowds’ in lecture halls who at the end of the day do not attain what they are expected to.

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Higher quality of work on the part of students should be demanded. This is in order to ensure that they later on become performers in their places of work and in instructing those that come after them. Socioeconomic factors cannot be ignored in current education, as there lacks parental support for the students undertaking their studies. This sometimes leads to desperation and despair by the students, making concentration and smooth learning unachievable.