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Homework Question on Special Education

  1. Topic 1: Find an article that compares Learning Disabilities with Teaching Disabilities. Discuss: Do the students served under IDEA’s “Specific Learning Disabilities” category have ‘learning disabilities’ or ‘teaching disabilities’? Support your thoughts using a personal experience, website, article, movie, etc, also the thoughts of at least two other people found in eirther in articles, books,or reputable websites.
  2. Topic 2: The development of speech in individuals is hindered when there are disabilities involved. How does a visual or an auditory impairment hinders speech in individuals. Support you responses with at least two research based journal articles and cite accordingly.

Homework Answer on Special Education

Learning Disabilities and teaching Disabilities

Learning disabilities denotes a number of circumstances that might disturb the acquirement, organization, retention, and understanding of spoken or unspoken information. However, it also refers to a general term that defines particular kinds of learning complications. On the other hand, teaching disabilities focuses on detailed and possible processing weaknesses. It also offers strategies to assist a student acquire the common education curriculum.

Presently, students studying under special education have the legitimate protection by public law 108-446 in the US. According to IDEA (2004), Jones, et al. reiterate that the description under IDEA has not altered its criteria and rules for what institutes a learning disability. In the present-day federal law, the language for people with disabilities was realized. Through the provisions of IDEA, choices concerning the existence or lack of any disability, in addition to the endowment of special education facilities, are controlled by a multidisciplinary group.

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According to The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, the group must comprise of the parents, a consistent education tutor, an overseer, and all trained staff that have assessed the student. As stated by Jones, Apling, and Smole (2004), approximately five percent of all students in the US public schools are categorised as having specified learning disabilities. Nearly every tutor can anticipate finding students with learning disabilities in the given classroom and this presents the teaching disabilities.