Sample Education Essays On Reading Strategy

Homework Question on Outlining and Summarizing Reading Strategy

  1. Review teacher interventions/strategies in at least one academic area (e.g. reading, math, writing, or executive functioning) using the internet as your source.
  2. Select at least one strategy/intervention. Provide a brief review of the strategy/intervention in a report.
  3. In addition to providing a brief overview of the strategy/intervention in your report, analyze how you would use this strategy with a student or students in your classroom.

Homework Answer on Outlining and Summarizing Reading Strategy

Outlining refers to selecting the key points and listing them down clearly with a purpose of trying to better understand the information content being read. On the hand, summarizing refers to where long phrases and paragraphs are shortened to make it easier to understand. This paper will look at how outlining and summarizing can be used as a reading strategy and also a review of how it can be used with students in classroom.

Listing the main ideas or points, which can also be called outlining, is a strategy that can be applied to help students gain a better understanding of the content they are reading. Outlining involves writing short statements of the main ideas while ensuring that they are labeled by either use of numbers or bullets. Outlining enables one to grasp the general information in the text being read. On the other side, summarizing involves minimizing the number of words in wrong statements and paragraphs leaving out only the important details in the content being summarized.

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Summarizing starts with outlining where the texts are reduced to come up with new text. Outlining and summarizing of the information being read assist the students to differentiate amongst the key ideas and the supporting ideas as well as the examples that have been given in the content for better understanding. Overall, outlining can be said to assist students to know the structure of the content while summarizing enable them to come up a new shortened information or text that is to understand.