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Homework Question on Personal Statements

  1. Explain why you are applying to this particular program, that is, why do you want to be admitted to the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership?
  2. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership requires that candidates be involved in planning and implementing a series of initiatives targeted at specific improvement needs that candidates identify and in which they may exercise leadership. Describe the contexts and responsibilities in your current position which would allow you to exercise leadership.
  3. Describe a problem in your area of interest that typifies the kind of issue that you would like to pursue as a leadership professional and why you think it is important to address.
  • # note: Now I am studying master of leadership and I have experience as a teacher, supervisor, and vice principal. Also, this paper will add to the original of my Personal Statement because I already wrote my Personal Statement.
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Homework Answer on Personal Statements

There are a number of reasons that have contributed to my strong desire to undertake educational leadership program in the institution. Initially, in my past career as a teacher in various institutions, I held a number of leadership roles that have allowed me better understanding of various aspects of leadership that I desire to improve. Through the study, I look forward to solving issues of managerial problem solving in various spheres that were eminent in my past areas of operation.

One such process is curriculum development and implementation. I believe that this background on planning and implementation process will allow me better understanding of the basics in managerial duties besides equipping me extensively for strategic management roles in institutions of higher learning. In addition, having performed various supervisory roles, the program will nurture my capabilities in uniting persons towards a common direction in the achievement of common objectives.

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The aspect of integration of persons in various decision making processes became manifested in my role as a vice principal of a learning institution. Through the leadership experience, I effectively led in the adoption of policies and regulations that were in the sole interest of the institution.An opportunity to pursue the program will allow me complete my studies in EDUC 891, Organizational Problem Analysis and Planning in Education. This is a key unit in planning and amicably results in the solutions of various organization problems.