Sample Education Essays On Personal Readiness for Co-Teaching

Homework Question on Personal Readiness for Co-Teaching

  • Write a 2-page paper addressing your personal readiness for co-teaching.
  • Be sure to address your own philosophy & beliefs, your classroom routines, your approach to discipline, your sensitivity to noise level and your pet peeves in the classroom, as well as how you believe feedback should be provided to your co-teaching partner as well as to your students and their parents.
  • Fiend, M. & Cook, L. (2012). Interactions : Collaboration Skills For School Professionals. Pearson Education(US).

Homework Answer on Personal Readiness for Co-Teaching

Co-teaching occurs when more than one (usually two) professionals provide instructions to a mixed group of students within the setting of a single classroom. The aim of such a setting is to enable the general education teacher and the special education teacher to attend to the diverse needs of the students (Friend & Cook, 2012). This usually occurs within the setting of the general education.

My personal readiness for co-teaching is informed by a willingness to work with another professional within the same classroom set-up. In addition, I am able to work with educators from diverse cultural backgrounds and exposure. Moreover, my respect for individual experience of every educator is also elaborate. I also acknowledge my ability to cooperate with my co-teacher and share a spectacular lesson with my core teacher, as well as a challenging day. I also recognize my ability to work easily alongside a colleague.

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Friend and Cook (2012) have identified six basic approaches to co-teaching that I feel would be useful to my co-teacher and I. The first approach is that as one teacher is involved in teaching, the other one is observing and collecting vital data on the behavioral, social or academic skills of students. Such an approach will enable us to monitor students’ progress, in addition to informing future teaching strategies and lessons.