Sample Education Essays On Non-Major Course Experience

Homework Question on Non-Major Course Experience

  1. Describe an experience you had in a non-major course that you believe makes you a good candidate for the job/graduate program/post-college experience you are preparing for. Provide information for how this experience can help you stand out from other candidates under consideration.
  2. Discuss how you can highlight this experience in your communications with decision-makers. This experience could have happened in a General Education course, a B.A./B.S. Core course (FAS, HIS, LIT, PHL, SCI, Social Science), or a Global Marker course; this non-major experience also could have happened at another institution.
  3. The experience might include knowledge you gained, or a skill you learned. (This experience can be can be directly applied to and used in the mock interviews, your cover letter and resume, and other elements of this course).

Homework Answer on Non-Major Course Experience

The non-major course that I had experience with while undertaking a General Education course in Social Science was Economics. I am a better candidate for the head of the department job since I possess the essential knowledge needed for proper administration and allocation of scarce resources. Economics is a branch of social science that seeks to study how people chose to allocate scarce resources among unlimited human wants (Ioannides 4).

Through undertaking this non-major course, I was able to learn that human needs are infinite and can never be met since the resources available to them are inadequate. Due to such limitations, it is prudent to categorize the most significant needs of an individual, school, or administration unit in order to give them priority and ensure relevant organizational goals are met at a given time.

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The experience with economics makes me stand out from other candidates since I have better managerial skills that are a prerequisite knowledge of any head of the department. Heads of departments are often tasked with the duty of ensuring scarce resources can be utilized effectively to meet administration goals (Sandler 7). With the knowledge in Economics, I am capable of evaluating essential goals depending on Institutional policy, and allocate resources towards them.