Sample Education Essays On Issues of Diversity

Homework Question on Issues of Diversity

  1. For this discussion, research a professional journal article or articles that address feminism  within the context of a reported intervention. Summarize the article or articles, noting the main points. With what do you agree and disagree?
  2. Discuss any cultural bias you noted on the part of the counselor or ways in which the counselor appeared to have avoided bias. How can an awareness of these ideas and issues be beneficial to your clinical work?

Homework Answer on Issues of Diversity


The article by Forest and Steigerwwald (2004) echo the use of the fundamental ethical tenets of gender sensitivity and awareness by family counsellor during sessions with their client. The authors of this article have applied the basic ethical rules of gender dynamics and professional code of ethics as outlined by the IAMFC (International Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors) (2001). The case vignette featured on this article entails gender statement with a couple who are seeking a satisfying, democratic relationship with a counsellor who shares similar values.

I agree with the author’s argument on the need for family counsellors to become familiar with the impact of gender issues among members of a family as a key step in enabling them to deliver competent services. I also agree with the author’s claim that family counsellors ought to be gender sensitive if at all they are to be helpful to their clients. However, gender biases are quite widespread in family counselling, contrary to the views of Forest and Steigerwwald (2004).

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For instance, in their study, Walters et al. (1998) report that female family therapists find it challenging to balance their roles as mothers and wives on one hand, and their professional counselling role, on the other hand. In addition, traditionally, women have been brought up on the understudying that they ought to embrace indirect communication when dealing with men, and this could prove to be a hindrance for female family counsellors who are trying to challenge male dominance and assert themselves (Bogard, 1990).