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Homework Question on Issues in Preschool Assessment

  1. Select a topic related to the assessment of young children that is of particular interest to you.  Go to the library and gather five articles from ONLY professional journals (yes, that excludes USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and other popular newsstand publications).  Only use sources written after 2009. 
  • Write a one-page typed and double-spaced summary of each article including all necessary bibliographic information.
  • DO NOT use your textbook as a reference.
  • In addition, provide a 2 pages typed and double-spaced review comparing, contrasting, and critiquing ALL the articles.

Homework Answer on Issues in Preschool Assessment

Rock, D. A., &Jackson, S., A (2015). Assessment issues in the testing of children at school entry. The Future of Children, 15(1) Retrieved from


Assessment is an integral part of the early childhood experience, especially in testing the readiness of children for school entry. There are, however, issues/challenges in the type of assessment used in determining the readiness of children for school entry.  In looking at the issues related to the assessment, the authors identify racial and ethnic gaps in documenting and assessing readiness for entry into schools for children.

In coming to the conclusion of the gaps, the authors describe and use key tests such as Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Early Childhood Longitudinal Study and other intelligence tests, describing their administration to national samples of children. In administering the tests, the authors use a standard deviation in comparing the results of the different tests they use. The tests have a gap of 1 standard deviation, although adjusting the gaps to consider other factors that may influence children’s test scores such as home environment and family income only narrow rather than eliminate the gap.

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The results of the test are indicative of difference in the samples used and racial or ethnic bias in the test, although neither of the two can conclusively explain the varying estimates in the tests. Further, another explanation would be the imperfect nature of all tests, although this does not also give a conclusive explanation. While the gap may not be too large, the results show stark disparities in performance between black and white children, and for this reason, the disparities should be a concern for policy makers and teachers of preschool children.