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Homework Question on Relationship between Education and International Development

  • Comparative Theory Application Paper (5 pages, double spaced).
  • Choose two theoretical perspectives discussed in this course (e.g. functionalist theory, human capital theory, Marxist/conflict theory, world systems theory, world culture theory, anthropological/interpretivist perspectives, feminist theory, human capability theory, or post-colonial theory).
  1. From each perspective, analyze the relationship between education and international development.
  2. Use a specific case or concrete examples to illuminate the theoretical perspectives you have chosen and, in particular, to discuss how they differ.
  3. In general, your paper should include a brief introduction in which you identify the theoretical perspectives you will discuss in the context of international educational development; approximately 2 pages for each theoretical perspective, in which you explain how authors (and/or practitioners) motivated by that perspective have addressed issues of international development; and a conclusion that brings together the main points and implications of your comparative analysis.

Homework Answer on Relationship between Education and International Development

Education  comprise a set of actions  that are developed within a society, with the objective of transferring knowledge, skills, values and competence for the benefit to humanity. Education plays a key role in influencing international development (Verger, Novelli & Altinyelken, 2012). Education relates with economical and social development of a region since it equips the people in order to take part in innovation, manufacturing, development, and creating of national wealth.

Education is considered on area that interacts with different factors at different level. Modernization has influenced convergence of world culture through the educational engine. The effects of education are not only felt in the national arena but also in the international platforms where it influences decisions made in key area that affects international systems. International development involves investment into human capital, which facilitates economic growth (Verger, Novelli & Altinyelken, 2012).

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As a result of globalization, educational policies and reforms have become common. They are being applied in most regions of the world and in zones that are considered diverse culturally. Some of the most common policies and programs that are being discussed in many countries include school-based management, child centered pedagogies and teachers accountability among other (Verger, Novelli & Altinyelken, 2012). Education has played a key role in creating peace in international arena through creating venues where diplomacy is consider the most appropriate to in solving conflict.