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Homework Question on How digital games help teach young boys to be men and young girls to be women

  • I would like the writer to write an essay in the style of newspaper editorial that conveys a technical argument to a public audience. based on the given topic – “Your municipality is considering funding a local organization that aims to use “digital games to help teach young boys to be men and young girls to be women”.”
  • I would like the writer to use one online source – scholarly reviewed article.Your primary objective is to clearly and accurately translate a technical argument, (in this case 1 scholarly, peer reviewed journal article) into public communication (translate findings into a public discourse).
  • I will need the writer to write about 950 words

Homework Answer on How digital games help teach young boys to be men and young girls to be women

Over the last few decades, the world has transformed from the analogue to a modern digital society. Today, the society is in the age of massive digital gadgets, ranging from cellular phones, computers, Televisions and video games. The modern child is exposed to these technological gadgets from as low as one year old.  While some experts believe that exposure technology enhances the child’s mental and emotional development, others find it harmful to the children.

For instance, some scholars argue that digital games may promote a child’s reflex and coordination and enhance their decision making skills. However, others see it as a way of promoting antisocialism and violent characters. While both groups of scholars may be right, I find that digital games, when accurately utilized, may enhance children’s development. The following are specific ways in which digital games help in transforming boys to be men and young girls to be women.

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First, digital games foster initiative-building characters in young boys and girls. Personal initiative is the ability to propel life purposefully so as to get the most out of it. Children experience the challenges and complexity of life as they develop to adulthood. They, therefore, need activities that foster initiative building. As Van (3) found out, digital games are among the most effective activities in initiative building. Digital games allow a child to experiment and make decisions out of complex scenarios.