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Homework Question on “Healthy People 2020”

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  1. What are the 4 overarching goals of Healthy People 2020?
  2. According to Healthy People 2020 what are the five broad categories of health determinants?
  3. Choose one topic included in Healthy People 2020, find a primary literature article related to this topic and do a review of this article.
  4. Article related to early childhood education! Citation, purpose, participants, intervention, study design, findings, results, comments, recommendations.

Homework Answer on “Healthy People 2020”

The discussion on health regarding the killer disease cancer, is very crucial for the victims and the entire society. Smoking in the United States of America is prevalent such that contracting lung and oral cancer not forgetting chronic bronchitis. The limitations put forth to curtail smoking in public places need to be strengthened further to ensure a healthy environmentfor people (Sherman, Lawrence & David 633).

It is true that people are mandated to exercise their right to smoke because smoking is legal in the US. Conversely, this right has to be monitored such that those exercising it contrary to the stated rules of the state are punished. Evidently, passive smokers are in a Position of contracting asthma and other lungs related ailments, hence enforcing police powers to contain smoking is crucial for public health and safety.

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From a non-smoker point of view, restricting smoking in public places will do well to them and incorporation of the police force to hold the situation is critical. However, even smokers have the right to good health hence ensuring that they smoke under designated places is not the solution (Brennan et al. 51) For the government to save costs of medication and loss of lives which are smoking, it is wise beneficial to enforce the closure of cigarette producing companies. By so doing, goals pertaining public health will be attained.