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Homework Question on Group Problem Solving

  •  I have a group of students. I will use “observation” to observe:
  1. The process of group problem solving.
  2. The type of knowledge creation in this group.
  3. Where the knowledge creation in group problem solving process.
  4. Suggest a problem “E-learning in University” to solve within group problem solving. So, Could you kindly built the “observation” for these. And which theory I will use?

Homework Answer on Group Problem Solving


Observational problem solving techniques often produce results similar to those produced by action problem solving procedures. Tan (2010) outlines the key aspects of group problems solving through knowledge creation as problem recognition and definition, solution design and implementation through observation.  In observation problem solving, the observer/ teacher acts from an independent point of view by simply defining the variables involved in the problem solution.

An algorithmic model for observational group problem solving described by Puccio (1994) is most applicable for this specific scenario.Problem definition – the problem has been defined as E-learning in universities. This problem is multi dimensional and all the relevant concepts within it must be further outlined prior to beginning the observation procedure (Constandse, 2013). It is necessary to separate the problem into various aspects such as the pros and cons of e-learning in universities.

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After outlining the important points in the problem, the students will be informed about the key concepts before they embark on their group work. Knowledge creation in problem solving must begin with a description of the objectives to be achieved by the process (Hargreaves, 2003).  Osman (2008) provides directions on setting problem solution objectives. The specificity of the set objectives is one of the factors that determine the accuracy of the solution (Constandse, 2013).