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Homework Question on The Role of Digital Portfolios

  • Write a 2 page paper on the role digital portfolios can play in assessing a student’s progression
  1. What are fair metrics to compare these two methods?
  2. Do online assessments unfairly measure students who are not technologically savvy?
  • Well written with an introduction, main body, and Clear thesis statement and supporting details conclusion Smooth transitions from one paragraph to the next Spelling, punctuation, and grammar Proper use of citation, headings, title, and page numbering in APA style. Time roman font

Homework Answer on The Role of Digital Portfolios


With the advent of technologies, many students are able to establish interactive learning skills. Instructors are also able to access details about the students, records of assignments that will assist in assessing their mastery, and determination of progress. The advancement in technology has transformed assessment of students. This has brought about online assessment for learners, which has changed the impression that students have on learning. “It is a believed that the feedback and scoring is too immediate with online assessment compared to traditional assessment” (Oosterhof et al, 2008).

For example, when students are asked what they prefer whether written assessment or online, majority tend to suggest the preference of the modern online assessment. The premise behind this is that some of the students with busy schedules can easily find it convenient doing exams and getting assessed easily. Digital portfolios have been vital in achieving this; providing refinement of a learner’s best work properly captured in form of text, diagrams, and illustrations among other digital format.

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Roles of digital portfolio in assessing progress

They play a fundamental role in developing narrative skills to identify strengths and weaknesses that reflect in personal development and formulate a learning tool that focuses on student thinking and document progress while improving communication and organizational skills (Butler et al., 2006). Digital portfolios plays important role in evaluation as resources can easily be shared/pooled.