Sample Education Essays On Debate Curriculum, Standards, and Testing

Homework Question on Debate Curriculum, Standards, and Testing

  • “Curriculum, Standards, and Testing” Please respond to the following:
  • Debate It: Take a position for or against this statement: School districts should evaluate teachers by student test scores. Provide reasons and examples to support your views.

Please use the following references for this order.

  • Sadker, D.M. Zittleman, K.R.&Sadker, M.P.(2013). Teachers, schools, and society(10thed.). New York, NY:McGraw Hill.
  • Tozer. S.E., Senese, G; & Violas, P.C.(2013). School and society: Historical and Contemporary perspectives(7thed). New York, NY:McGraw-Hill)

Homework Answer on Debate Curriculum, Standards, and Testing

From an informed perspective, I would like to support the idea and the topic that teachers of all the school districts should be evaluated, based on their students’ test scores. It is important to note that students are the products of the teachers. A hardworking teacher will most probably inspire students towards the spirit of working hard. Statistics from several district schools show that students are simply the products and reflections of their teachers’ performances.

These children are normally attentive and obedient to their teachers, who, at school, have got all the authority and influence over them. As a matter of fact, teachers are always the first role model to students. As a result, it is easy to tell the behaviour of a teacher from the actions of the students, apart from getting to know what the teacher normally tells his students. In this relation, the evaluation of the teachers can easily be linked to a clear examination of the performance of the students.

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An example can be clearly found and proved by a statistic by the Districts Education Expert’s team. A comparison of two mathematics teachers is done, both in grade 7, where by one of the teachers used to attend around three extra lessons unlike the other teacher (Tozer, Senese & Violas, 2013, p. 107). As a result of this, the students of the teacher attending extra lessons recorded better scores in the final examination, unlike the others.