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Homework Question on How Curriculum Design Impacts Instruction

  1. Using a least two recent professional journal articles, research an educational leadership topic.
  2. Summarize, synthesize, analyze and evaluate your topic.
  3. Write four to five pages of a professionally reasoned and written response (double spaced, 1 inch margins following APA format.
  4. Include reference page

Homework Answer on How Curriculum Design Impacts Instruction

A curriculum design is sequence of learning structures that are employed by education professionals to pass on knowledge to specified individuals. Berkas states that when designing curriculums, professionals need to take into consideration that they are planning intellectual pathways for their students that is a series of conduits, which result in meeting the intended learning objectives. The pathways often involve class and lecture attendances, working in small groups, engaging in private studies, assessment of assignments, and examinations.

When designing curriculum, individual factors need to be considered. These are aims of education, intended learning outcomes, methods of teaching, and the syllabus to be covered. A proper curriculum is quite conducive to the target group by taking into consideration the diversity of the community on a social front, their psychology, and financial constraints (Berkas, 2000). Factors that affect how curriculum design is modeled often have an impact on how instruction is to be offered. Key factors that have an impact on instruction are politics, economy, technology, diversity, learning theories, and the environment in place.

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Schmidt in his research states that politics in a certain region often affects how the curriculum design is modelled and how instructions in such a plan are undertaken. The first impact of politics in curriculum design is structured primarily in funding. The aspects of curriculum depend on the political standards in the local, state, and federal governments’ standards and budget allocations towards education.