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Homework Question on Cultural Diversity

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  • Discuss cultural diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion and their implications for your own teaching philosophy.
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Homework Answer on Cultural Diversity

Communication between nations has become more frequent nowadays, as individuals endeavor to share views on different topics. Such communications usually involve people from diverse cultures who are eager to understand other cultures. Diversity is the grouping of individuals who possess different characteristics. Individuals’ characteristics differ in terms of races, religions, nationalities, socioeconomic status, as well as achievement levels. Cultural diversity involves amalgamation of different cultures within a community. Multiculturalism drives individuals to recognize the cultural multiplicity within the society.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is ever-present in individual’s life. Each day, individuals endeavor to connect to other individuals who belong to different cultures, and unless they appreciate and tolerate diverse cultures, they are liable to encounter difficulties in their lives. Cultural diversity is the existence of different cultural groups in a society. Cultural diversity may be perceived as cultural decay, but showing reverence to other cultures is vital for enhancing global culture. Cultural diversity is crucial for human survival just as biodiversity is vital for the maintenance of nature. Educators are usually exposed to a variety of cultures, thus, they need to create awareness of themselves as they engage students so that they can enhance students’ understanding (Parvis, 2013).

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Multiculturalism involves acceptance or endorsement of multiple cultural norms allied to a particular ethnic group. Multiculturalism is quite common in schools where students from different cultures congregate to seek knowledge. Multiculturalism does not advocate for abandoning of individual’s culture, but rather emphasize on respecting other people’s views.