Sample Education Essays On Classroom Management

Homework Question on Classroom Management in English Language Teaching

  • ESSAY TOPIC: “You have a class of students whose characteristics are listed below; how would you ensure classroom management if you were the teacher of such a class”
  1. There are 30 students in the class aged 12-13.
  2. It is a monolingual class and they constantly tend to use L1.
  3. Most of the students in your class are slow learners.
  4. Some of your students are shy.
  5. A few students display disruptive behavior.
  6. Majority of your students don’t like working with their peers.
  • Important Note: Make sure that you refer to the course session notes and appropriate terminology and concepts.

Homework Answer on Classroom Management in English Language Teaching

In a class with monolingual students who consistently tend to use L1, I would use the basic interpersonal skills (BICS) because it is prerequisite for a child to learn English. I would expose students to BICS and language pattern as much as possible. For instance, they would participate in “Read Aloud” even if they do not understand the words they are reading. Additionally, I would incorporate music and rhyme in the reading. The songs learnt can help them gain interest in English concepts.

I would engage the slow learners in a habit of studying by giving home assignments that encourage continuous learning so that they can remember what was taught. I would also alter the class sitting arrangement to heterogeneous rather than homogeneous. I would encourage them by appraising their strengths to boost their confidence in learning abilities. This is because individual attention will not be possible if most of the students are slow learners.

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I would maintain eye contact with all pupils especially shy students. I would engage shy students in more interactive activities in class, such as collection of supplies and line leadership to help them interact more with their peers. I would also alter class arrangements, and place students into small groups to facilitate more interaction. Lastly, I would introduce basic activities and give general suggestions in my class regarding uniqueness of every individual and the need to be proud of every individual.