Sample Education Essays On Civil Rights Movement

Homework Question on Civil Rights Movement

  • This assignment asks you to examine both the impact of racism on African American lives, and
  • The strategies that Africans have devised to make life more livable in the face of racist injustice.
  • We have divided the African American experience into four broad chronological eras, from slavery to the civil rights movement (the era of 1970s-present is excluded because our class did not cover this part of the African-American experience)
  1. The Middle Passage and early American Slavery (pre-1793)
  2. Antebellum and Civil War America (1793-1865)
  3. Reconstruction and the Age of Jim Crow (1865-1941)
  4. Civil Rights and Black Power (1941-1970)
  • Assignment, Select one of the eras listed above.
  • Write an essay of 3-5 pages in which you discuss specific challenges African Americans have faced in regards to racism and white supremacy as indicated by the era you have chosen and the specific ways in which African Americans have demonstrated- resistance and resiliency-to these obstacles.
  • Book name (Clark-Hine, D., Hine, W.C., & Harrold, S. (2013). The African Americans: Concise History combined volume (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Education, Inc.)

Homework Answer on Civil Rights Movement


Africans for a very long time had been subjected to slavery. They were taken from their mother land Africa and brought to America as a source of labour. They were treated and carried in a very inhuman way, very cruel treatment as if they were not human beings. The Africans were subjected to new American culture hence made to abandon their African culture. Despite this kind of oppression that they underwent, Africans kept their culture and spirit at heart and they knew very well that nobody was in a position to erase the African in them.  From the era of slavery, the Africans have been respectful and recognized their culture.

The Civil Rights Movement: 1941-1970

This era occurred after the Second World War, the Africans in America in this period started feeling that there was a reason of equality with the Americans. The civil rights movement was established from 1941 in order to articulate the rights in the constitution that for a long time they had not been allowed. The Africans despite of their abilities and talents were not allowed to join and participate in games. However, in 1947, integration occurred where Jackie Robinson (African) was included in the baseball team comprising the whites (Rubel 2005).
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Africans were used in order to fight for the world wars but they were not integrated in the forces. This changed in 1950 during the Korean War; Africans were mandated to serve in different units of the forces (Random history 2014).The education system was using a rule of ‘separate but equal’ since the end of reconstruction era. The board of education stood on the ground that any kind of segregation was a defilation of the constitution.