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Homework Question on Charter schools in America

  • Write a 4 page essay on Charter Schools’.
  1. Focus on the issue explain why you think it is significant It might be an important problem, or a promising reform .
  2. What is the pro and cons of Charter schools’?.

Homework Answer on Charter schools in America

Parents in the United States of America have had an opportunity to enroll their children either in public, private and home schools. Various factors are considered before choosing a particular type of school for the children. For example, a child who is admitted into a public school may have to cope with the challenge of attending a school in the nearby or that is far away. These challenges prompted an innovative move to establish public chartered schools, which would serve as schooling options and opportunities for the teachers (Bifulco & Ladd 778).

Additionally, this innovative idea was welcomed by the American parents because it established an extended field of options for educating children. As such, many states adopted the move and established chartered schools in their state. For example, currently chartered schools exist in about 24 states with many others having developed legislative frameworks for existence of such options (Bettinger 133). However, a section of parents has welcomed this idea whilst another lot still contents with the existence of these schools.

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This paper seeks to answer this question whether chartered schools should be allowed in the American society or they should be abolished altogether. A charter school is an independent entity from the state or the teachers union, but it is compelled by its individual specific agreement of service (Bifulco & Ladd 778). Here, these schools have the obligation to institute their own educational curriculum based on their own financial structure.