Sample Education Essay Paper on Preventing Cyberbullying

Preventing Cyberbullying 

How Can Parents Prevent Cyberbullying of Their Kids?

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According to Parent Herald’s article published on March 7, 2016, cyberbullying is now a universal concern and children are the most vulnerable both at school and home. It is a problem that often leads to ill health due to its mental and emotional effect on children. Increased availability of technological devices that are used by kids is one of the main factor contributing to this cybercrime. However, the article suggests a variety of ideas and approaches that could help prevent or stop cyberbullying.

The main measure towards curbing cyberbullying is for parents to be mindful to the extent they allow their children to use technology devices. They should limit so that the children cannot have unlimited access to the devices that makes them susceptible to bullying, for instance, they should be denied the devices when they go to sleep. When the children are allowed to use the devices, their online activities should monitor every time so that any form of cyber threat can be identified as soon as possible. Parents are advised to document any bullying messages to their kids so that they can be used for reference and also inform authorities or school officials when the incidence happens at school.

Parents should take the biggest role in curbing cyberbullying of their children. They should begin by giving the children an education regarding cybercrimes and bullying. Parents ought to extend the necessary support to their kids when they are bullied and avoid putting the blame on them during bullying incidences. With the support, the children can feel the love and affection and also feel appreciated by their parents hence they can pull through at times of bullying. Disregarding and denying attention to the kids when bullied may lead to them resolving to committing murder.