Sample Education Essay Paper on Personal Philosophy of Education

            A teacher is an individual that assists other individuals to gain knowledge or values. A learner, on the other hand, is a person that is enrolled in any educational facility to achieve a particular level of competence of a subject under an instructor’s guidelines. Educational goals are the attributes, competencies, and abilities that learners should attain after completing a given program or course. Examples of these goals include being successful in the chosen professions, critical thinking, gaining the capability to strategize, being morally upright, being good citizens, exploring other interests apart from the careers, and being happy. The significant steps of achieving these goals include setting goals based on significant things, setting goals positively, being specific, setting high goals to challenge one to work harder, and setting  goals in writing so that one can regularly revisit them. I hope that my future students will always feel safe and loved, that they will believe in themselves, that they will learn to accept and love their school, and that they will understand that grades do not define them.

            As a teacher, I would also want my students to achieve some skills and competencies that will help them to achieve their goals. Some of these significant sills include adaptive and critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, personal management, problem solving, technological, creative, and inquiry skills. The primary way for students to achieve these skills is by tackling practical assignments that help them apply what they have learnt in class to the outside world and occurrences. My role as an instructor would be to teach students to avoid depending on the low-level abilities such as memorization and focus on high-level capabilities, for instance, creation, application, evaluation, and analysis. Some of the values that I would consciously encourage in the classroom include hard work, responsibility, compassion, cooperation, respect for self and other, as well as honesty as they help complete students as human beings and thus the can form meaningful interactions with others. The values can also boost their morals and enable them to become responsible citizens in future.

            I want to create an environment that promotes safety, warmth, comfort, and friendship. I would want my students to be comfortable around me and express themselves to me freely and without fear. I would avoid rigid regulations in my classrooms and establish a positive environment that allows my students to speak their minds. I would ensure I organize sessions for friendly interactions with my students, allowing them to ask me questions and air their grievances so that I can understand them better and strengthen our relationships to boost efficiency.  I believe that a warm environment makes it more comfortable and convenient for a student to learn and build his/her confidence. Based on family diversity, I would ensure that I make efforts to understand my students’ backgrounds so that I can support them and offer the relevant guidance and counseling if necessary. I would also be mindful of how I communicate with them and respect family diversity when handling them.

            I believe that the three branches of philosophy namely axiology, metaphysics, and epistemology play a significant role in education as they boost a student’s knowledge of the real world. I believe that the field that best fits me is epistemology because as a teacher, it would help me create a class of students that can precisely and critically comprehend the current trends in the world and thus would make a difference.