Sample Education Essay Paper on I Will Be a Great Educator

I Will Be a Great Educator

The qualities that I possess that are likely to promote my success as an educator are my passionate and compassionate character and a caring personality for the well-being of others. Sackstein (2016) differentiates between a teacher and an educator in terms of individual passion and the relationship with learners. A teacher focuses on instructing and performing their job each day, paying attention to the job of teaching itself and content, while an educator is passionate about the opportunity that teaching offers to establish relationships with learners, focusing on these relationships as a primary aspect to liven the content. To be a great educator, Sackstein (2016) identifies interpersonal skills, ability to inspire others, passion in the content of teaching, excitement for learning, partnership with the learners, inspirational abilities, and compassion, besides the professional ability to teach.

I am a compassionate and passionate individual who feels a responsibility to cooperate with others to solve our shared problems and contribute to the betterment of society. I take an interest in the challenges of others and feel an obligation to offer my skills and capacities to assist them to address these problems sustainably. These qualities shall form an important basis for the development of my educator role because of their orientation towards partnering with learners and inspiring them to reach their potential. Based on these qualities, I am likely to utilize the teaching role as an avenue for inspiring and partnering with learners to help them identify, pursue, develop, and utilize their talents effectively. These qualities imply that I am likely to focus on more than only the expected scope of the work of teaching by aiming to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of individual students. The aim in this focus would be to address the weaknesses and exploit the strengths of individual students to allow the student to assume a confident and active role in creating, developing, and pursuing their talents.


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