Sample Education Essay Paper on Changing the Mindset of Low-SES Students

Changing the Mindset of Low-SES Students

Students from lower socioeconomic areas face numerous challenges in life. When reflecting on their lives and family backgrounds, they tend to conclude or think that it is hard to succeed in life. They come across various obstacles in their paths to success in both academic and professional lives. Often, the students have the perception and mindset that life is hard and success is difficult to attain. However, leaders can initiate and implement certain programs to change this perception and mindset.

A program that has been successful in changing the mindset of students from low socioeconomic status relates to motivational aspect. Students belonging to such background hardly have role models. By exposing them to a program that motivates them, they realize that there are people who faced similar challenges as encountered by them but succeeded later in life. Motivational programs employ life examples that change the mindsets of students and help them develop self-belief. Another important program revolves around parental involvement. Some of these students have a fixed mindset due to lack of parental involvement in their academic life. Consequently, they fail to understand that one day they can become better than their parents. Programs that involve parents can help in encouraging these students and make them understand about the non-permanency and changeable nature of their socioeconomic status. Students from this category can also be encouraged and motivated to take care of their families and help alleviate poverty. These programs must place value on education, and the students must be aware of the fact that education is the key to success.