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No Student left behind

Societies aimed at harmonious living and well being of the entire population invests in education. Because of this desire, America has also invested heavily in education. One of the ways in which this is done is through formulation of policies such as the No Child Left behind (NCLB) legislation. This legislation puts stakeholders in education at task for ensuring that all children receive quality education regardless of their origins. The main objective of the legislation is to provide access to K-12 education for all students.

The legislation thus advocates for the provision of financial resources for primary and secondary education for children from poor families (Hess and Pettily 23). Through time, the objectives of the Act have widened to include aspects that help in the achievement of the original goal. The law gives various provisions for testing and assisting students in primary through to secondary schools. It can be said that the Act generally achieves accountability in education. Institutions which fail to deliver by the requirements of the Act are placed on the school improvement program. This is due to the claim that constant failure is caused by a host of factors, some of which may be solved through the school improvement programs.

The schools in the school improvement program should give their students the alternative to transfer to other schools which perform better. In addition to this, those schools should also be assisted by the school district to improve in terms of performance. The Act further requires that parents are included in their children’s education by being given frequent reports based on report cards.

The schools also have to ensure that the teachers taken on to tutor students must be competent in accordance with state accreditation. The parents have to be aware of the level of competency of the teachers in the schools where their children learn. The Act further stipulates that those schools found deserving of financial assistance be issued such assistance to ensure that the teachers are trained and their level of competence rose. In addition to this, the Act recognizes the English language as the core of communication in the country and provides for the giving of resources to teach English language.

CBOs and religious groups that provide access to English classes are supported financially based on the recommendations of the NCLB Act. Programs that help to prevent violence, prevent drug abuse are also supported by the program. Based on the objectives of this program, it can be concluded that the Federal governments has done a lot to increase the learning capacity of students. The education sector is continuing to grow and maintaining its quality is a mandatory step that is necessary.

The key implications of the Act include: increased emphasis on the teaching and testing disciplines by teachers, development and enhancement of the competencies of teachers based on the interactions with one another and compliance with law (Kahlenberg 66); reduction of the student to teacher ratios; the Act has also increased institutional expenditure (McGuinn 86); development of national cultures; inclusion of minority groups in the education sector; and expansion of the instructional context. The competence of teachers has been improved due to the engagement on master’s degrees with the objectives of improving education delivery. In conclusion, it can be said that the NCLB Act has revolutionized the education sector immensely through the various provisions of the Act.

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