Sample Education Coursework Paper Summary on Charter Schools in America

Charter schools in America

Parents in the United States of America have the options of enrolling their children in public, private and home schools. While most parents enroll their children in public schools, they are faced with many challenges as the children can access school either near or far from home. Because of these challenges, the government decided to come up with public chattered institutions. These are schools that are designed to operate in independence of the teacher and government influences. The institution make their own plans for the curricular and innovations. The charter schools have increased the options available for parents to enroll their children in school. They are no longer limited to the three initial options. The growth of charter schools in the US has gone to all states; most of the states have adopted the chartered schools system. Besides the obvious advantages associated with chartered schools in providing parents with additional options, they also increase the innovativeness of parents as well as the school.

One of the key considerations of charter schools is the focus on the teachers that drive innovation in these schools. Although the charter schools provide many advantages to parents and students, the disadvantage faced is in the limitation of access to finances. Financial deficits are prevalent in charter schools due to the limited government fiscal allocations that are dependent on the charter type and the number of students in the school. The financial constraints may often result in reduced operational efficiencies in the schools (Bettinger 133). Additionally, the schools also face the challenge of transparency. This is because these schools are run and managed by private entities whose objectives are to make profits. Little public representation results in limited accountability and limited school control (Miron and Nelson 123).


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