Sample Education Capstone Project Paper on Shortage of the Teachers in the U.S

Research Proposal- Draft

Topic: Shortage of the Teachers in the U.S

Problem: In the current United States economy, the challenge of hiring and retaining teachers is becoming more severe. However, based on historical findings and recent statistics, the challenges contributing to an increase in teacher shortage appears to be concentrated in specific high need subjects such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and special education. The process of distinguishing between the areas facing acute challenge of staffing and the development of a more generic public discussions on teacher shortage is important because failure to channel policy efforts towards addressing this shortage may result in costly and ineffectual progress in the education sector.

Question: What factors contribute to the problem of teacher shortage in the United States? And what strategies can be implemented to address the barrier of recruitment into teaching profession?

Relevant Disciplines: Economy, Education

Methodology/Study Design: 

Study design- Descriptive research design defined by the use of survey in data collection

Primary data – Gather a survey from teachers randomly sampled in different districts in the United States

                          Gather a survey from policy makers in the education and economic sectors to assess their understanding of the problem of teacher shortage in the U.S.

                          Group study – Get a group of teachers and policy makers (different schools, and sectors) and have them engaged in an open discussion forum guided by structured survey questions on the problem of teacher shortage in the U.S.

                          Secondary data – Investigate what current research has done in understanding the problem of teacher shortage in the U.S, the strategies that have been implemented and their efficiency in managing the problem.

Tangible Outcome: My goal for this research proposal is to document factors contributing to the problem of teacher shortage in the U.S, assess the relevance of the ongoing debates/discussions about in addressing the problem. Through the findings it will be possible to understand the factors that contribute to the shortage, their prevalence in different states, and the best techniques of developing state specific solutions. The study will provide systematic evidence on the patterns contributing to the problems of teacher shortage in the United States. For instance, it will be possible to assess the probability by which poverty levels in a society contribute to teacher shortage. This will be based on assessments on the extent to which a high concentration of economically disadvantaged students is related to the availability of teachers with temporary, irregular certification and licensure. This will be effective in understanding the contributory role of varieties of economic factors in the existing problem of teacher shortage.