Sample Economics Paper on The impact of land/real estate on the national economy, giving a sustainable solution

Content and Theme: There is No Planet B
The doomsday clock has never been closer to midnight. With a continuously deteriorating global environment, fears of nuclear and non-nuclear proliferation, civil wars that threaten to break societies apart, and the rapid spread of disinformation, our planet today faces increasingly modern threats in a time of complex global evolution. Yet governmental and non-governmental groups around the world continue to advocate for a more sustainable and more peaceful world, committed to maintaining a planet earth inhabitable for all. Articles for this theme should discuss modern global sustainability issues of all kinds facing national and international societies, explaining their timely importance in today’s global world.
Articles should address a topic related to international affairs today. Potential categories include (but are not limited to): Agriculture, Business, Cybersecurity, Defense, Education, Employment, Immigration, Energy, Environment, Economics, Public Health, Science and Technology, Trade and Transportation.

The writing style:
Submissions should present analytically backed perspective on an under-appreciated global topic.
Excellent contest submissions will aim to present a topic holistically from a balanced perspective. Evidence and nuance are critical. Submissions should be well-researched, well-informed, and formal in style and prose.
I want to write a theme is “The impact of land/real estate on the national economy, and giving a sustainable solution”. Please give me an outline first. If i think the outline is good, I will continue to find you to complete the full essay.
I uploaded two sample essay in the attachment, please read it. Thank you