Sample Economics Paper on Guidelines for Seminar Presentations

ECON5310 – Guidelines for Seminar Presentations

  • Papers will be presented by students singly or in
  • Your presentation should aim to fulfil the following objectives:


  1. Explain the principal problem(s) or question(s) that the paper addresses
  2. Place the paper and the problem/question in context, by relating it to the other assigned readings and explaining its importance for development theory or policy
  3. Describe the methods used to analyse the problems
  4. Give a brief overview of the conclusions/answers that are obtained
  5. Pick a few interesting findings and:
    1. Explain the significance of the findings
    2. Discuss the intuition (empirical or theoretical or both) that underlie the
  • When two people share a presentation, we suggest that you divide up these tasks, with one presenter covering points 1 and 2 above, and the other covering 4 and Point 3 can be bundled with either part, use your judgment for each paper.


  • The presenter(s) will also lead the discussion on the paper following the For this purpose, be prepared to raise some questions for discussion. These may include (but are not limited to)
  1. Further discussion on the findings of the paper
  2. Further research that is necessary
  3. Arguments why some of the conclusions are convincing (or unconvincing).


  • The target time for each presentation is about 10 minutes. Please prepare a set of slides to accompany your presentation. These slides will serve as a study resource for you and your


  • This presentation will contribute 10% to your final grade, with 5% assigned to the slides and 5% to the actual


Note: All tutorial papers for presentations are examinable in the final. Your classmates will benefit if you make a good presentation, and if you prepare a good set of presentation slides.