Sample Economics Paper On Editing and Writing of Press Release

Homework Question on Critique on the Editing and Writing of Press Release

  1. The third assignment should be presented as a Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers.
  2. Minimum length is 400 words and maximum length is 600 words. Footnotes, titles and other extraneous material are not counted when determining the length of the paper.
  • This paper is worth 100 points. Each paper should be submitted as a Word file.
  • Do not submit in odt or other formats because the papers are checked by and this program will not read these formats.
  • Use 12 pt. Arial font in Normal style with 1.25 inch right and left margins and 1 inch top and bottom margins.
  • Double space the paper and left justify.

Homework Answer on Critique on the Editing and Writing of Press Release

Economy: China’s economy growing rapidly than that of the US ?

The business insider reported in 2014 that according to the International Monetary Fund China had just overtook the US to become the world’s largest economy in the world. With the USAas the world’s super power there was a reason to be worried. The economic issue here is how can US improve its economy and get into its initial number one spot. The following discussion will explain why China is ahead.

The rise of China to the top spot is attributed to several milestones and initiatives. First, China has transformed from a closed system to a more market oriented country. This has seen the abolitionof community agriculture to amore liberalized agricultural economy in prices of its products. Secondly, there has also been a considerable increase in the autonomy and freedom of the state corporations in China that has considerably enhanced creativity and discovery of new products and services and opening of Chinese markets to other developing countries.

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Though the Chinese economy has grown tremendously, it has not been a smooth walk in the park. China has had to deal and still dealing with a couple of challenges. To start with, there is reduction in domestic savings therefore leading to low demand. Secondly, there has been problem with sustaining the job growth with the ever increasing number of job seekers and the unemployed both within and from other countries.