Sample Economics Essays On Economics Related Halloween Costume

Homework Question on Economics Related Halloween Costume

  1. Create an economics related Halloween costume and write a paragraph explaining what it is and how it relates to economics.
  2. You should submit a photo of yourself wearing your costume in addition to your written paragraph.
  3. Marks will be awarded for creativity, thoughtfulness, and proper usage of economics concepts.
  4. Please put the photo with the essay in the Word,

Homework Answer on Economics Related Halloween Costume


Halloween is an annual celebration done on the 31st of October for the remembrance of the dead souls in and is popular in many countries of the world (O’Sullivan, 4). The celebration is done by wearing attires that mock the power of the dead with humor. Moreover, the events create an opportunity for various designers to showcase their creativity in designing theme related costumes. Children who participate in these celebrations go round asking for candy and other sugary stuffs from houses.

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are designed and worn according to various themes (O’Sullivan, 12). For instance, mockery, as a theme may be represented by the use of costumes with funny faces. On the other hand, magic as a theme is represented by wearing costumes that portray the magical setting of particular individuals such as witches. An example of a Halloween costume is shown in the following section.

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Economics themed Halloween costumes    

The costume is of a bird known as Romney criticizing the hike in middle-class taxation. As it can be observed, the bird is in a sad state, an indication that the economic conditions under which it lives are not favorable. The costume is related to the theme of economics, in that, it cries of the high level of taxation to which the middle-class people are subjected. The costume further represents the mood in which the middle-class people live, owing to the rising taxation levels.