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Greece has experienced an unexpected scenario of economic downfall. Matthew Lynn in his article published on Dec 31 2014 states that in spite of political errant; the country has stood firm to gain its economic stability. The author points out that the dependent countries shall bear the situation and renegotiate the country’s debt. In fact, the radical Syriza party has laid down a platform to provide a new dimensional portfolio towards settling the debt. The country’s stocks as well as bonds have drastically dropped posing threat to the market. High-risk markets e.g. Spain have presumed the market to be volatile.

The election process may offer opportunities for investors such as the European Nations (EN) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to make more investments. However, the Eurozone nations would compromise with the Greeks and forfeit their debt. Both EN and IMF will instead formulate policies and impose programs that would benefit themselves. The benefit will only be enough for the Greek equities, which in turn, are the cheapest in the market.

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The economic downfall of the country is as a result of high rates of unemployment that lead to a drop in government spending. Therefore, investors experience panic on whether to make investments in the country or not (Matthew 23).The country should develop economic programs that will help to offset the debt burden instead of prioritizing policies made by European Nations and International Monetary Fund that will be self-beneficial. The two institutions would not offset the country’s debt and, therefore, it has to focus on its growth at a respectable rate.