Sample Economics Essay Paper on TNC 5: How Has The Harmonization And/Or Monopolization Enabled By Trade Law Impacted The TNC’s Global Growth?

Amazon has continued to demonstrate significant growth on its operations. Amazon considerably relies on its international customers who have continued to support most of the company’s endeavors. Perhaps, most of the significant growth has been attributed by efficiency in provision of goods and services to clients. Besides, it is worth mentioning that harmonization enabled by the trade has impacted positively on the global growth of Amazon. The company has managed to improve on its profitability due to the frameworks on the competition laws. For a fact, globalization has considerably diluted trade barriers and liberalized the market. Amazon relies on cross border business activities supported by globalization of activities and market. Therefore, Amazon has benefited from the harmonization and regulation of competition in the global market.

The rise in global business activities has in equal measure increased the numbers of transactions and anti-cooperative activities that negatively influence the growth of companies such as Amazon. Fortunately, harmonization has effectively reduced the burden implicated in terms of costs and legal uncertainties occasioned by local standards. Amazon has benefited from the harmonization initiatives because it has increased access to more markets for the products its offers. Consequently, it has reduced business conflicts and jurisdictions that otherwise negatively affect business growth. Further, harmonization of business environment has been supportive to Amazon based on its quest for compliance because it reduces contradictory decisions that may curtail cost and times for a company such as Amazon to comply. Finally, global business growth is only possible when there is an international law or instrument that binds business to respond to globalization and international transactions. Harmonization provides all these in addition to creating an enabling business environment and level playing field for all companies.