Sample Economics Essay Paper on Education Policy Proposal

            A relevant education system will ensure that graduates are productive in society regardless of whether they have high chances of securing sustainable job opportunities or not. A proper education system imparts relevant skills and attitudes to graduates to enable them to realize their best areas of interest which can be turned into opportunities to make a living. Educators should be keen so that they do not develop a curriculum that will undermine and hinder graduates from realizing their dreams. Educators should aim at addressing the labor market at a local, regional and international levels. Educators should also consider today’s labor market and how it is likely to change in the future so that graduates are not affected by skills mismatch in the ever-changing environment.

            The following educational and job training policy proposals will help in dealing with job mismatch in the labor market. Colleges and Universities should implement policies that consider specializations which reflect the needs of the labor market and the number of graduates who should meet the demands on the labor market using an updated curriculum. Another policy option is partnerships with employers who may be vital during surveying of the needs of the labor market and evaluation of the contents used by graduates to ensure it is at par with the requirements on the market (Heijke  & Muysken, 2016). Policies should also focus on co-curricular activities to cover the physical, mental and professional abilities of graduates which may help in identifying their talents. Adequate technical training should also be embraced so that there is the provision of relevant skills to graduates. Policies should also aim at decentralization for institutions to offer courses which respond to students and the demand on the market. Lastly, an educational system should have a participatory and feedback aspects from students and employers to address arising challenges in the education system.


Heijke, J. A. M., & Muysken, J. (2016). Education and training in a knowledge-based economy.                     New York: St. Martin’s Press.