Sample Economics Essay Paper on Benefits of my Human Capital

              I possess different skills and knowledge which are valuable and some scarce in the market today. These skills determine my demand in the job market as well as dictate the salary I am entitled to in the market. The most valuable is my knowledge of operating the It is an app builder that can be used to create an application for a windows phone, Android or Ios. In a world that technology grows by the minute, this human capital is very valuable. I can work almost anywhere. Today people use apps to get cabs, to read newspapers, communicate which makes this human capital high on demand and well paying. I am also an excellent photographer. I acquired this human capital as a hobby. I liked taking photographs in beautiful places until I developed some addiction for it. Today many people have this human capital as well as almost everybody owns a camera. It can however get you employment in magazine and newspaper firms and studios (Shove and Mika p 156) . I have worked as a professional photographer of a magazine for 2 years.

            I am also a good artist. Being a good photographer, I developed a good taste for art. I therefore started doing it for fun and later decided to take a drawing and designs class. It is something I am very passionate about and not so many people can manage to even make a copy of my pencil sketches. I worked in a comic book production firm for 6 months’ part time before I started designing male clothes. This human capital can also get you a job in motor vehicle companies. It could get you high wages depending on where you work. Not many people possess this human capital.

Work Cited

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