Sample Economics Essay Summary on Human Behavior

Theory of Human Behavior

The theory of human behavior is blamed for the escalating poverty levels in the world today. Human behaviors are said to be experienced through different stages of human life. During infancy, human behaviors are characterized by consumption of poor diets and living in poor conditions. Through childhood, individuals are under parental care. This care changes in adolescences where individuals begin to integrate into the society. Influence from the society instills negative behaviors which result in poverty in future life. One of the people that did a lot to change the lives of the populace in Baltimore is Mayor Kurt. Through engaging in activities aimed at improving the living conditions of people such as initiating poverty elimination projects, the mayor desired to see the lives of his people improve. This however failed due to negative attitudes from those living in abject poverty. Since attitude is a psychological issue, there was no way of addressing it as the mayor (Brooks).

The key challenge facing the city of Baltimore in the past was that of housing. Many individuals encroached public lands to built informal residents. This led to the upsurge of informal residents across the city. To reduce this occurrence, the government built houses at $87,000 and sold them to residents at $37,000 leading to an increase in the number of citizens owning houses in the city. The efforts of the government to provide funds for the development of different sectors cannot be successful due to the lack of supporting micro-economic activities. Small businesses do not operate successfully in Baltimore. In addition to this, the high unemployment levels in the city have also led to the low economic activities. As a result crimes such as prostitution and corruption are rampant.


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