Sample Economics Essay Summary on Green Economics

Green Economics

Chapter 26 aims at explaining how green technologies are being used to improve productivity and enhance farm management across the world. It proposes the importance of the shift from conventional agriculture to modern technologies. The modern technologies used include green technologies. The technologies help in the production of the most profitable crops in the world. The chapter mentions how green technologies advance productivity and how the practice of using the technologies also impacts innovation.

Apart from this, the subject of greenhouse gas emissions is also touched in the chapter. The chapter tries to provide an understanding of the business world and how it is impacted by the climate change. The use of some technologies in the work place enhance green house gas emissions hence understanding them can help in making informed business decisions. Also, the understanding of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, it is possible to formulate better intervention strategies. Through the discussion the chapter recommends provision of access to finances for the development of greater technologies.

By reading the chapter, I can reflect on the concerns developed therein about the need to develop social equity for the development of green technologies. To support this claim, green technologies are available for the promotion of income and increased employment. The efforts that are already being made by UNEP to maintain the environment through green technologies by implementing green economies are being recognized. The chapter therefore discusses how the business sector can improve in sustainability and growth. This is however only achievable once efforts such as environmental preservation is achieved. One of the ways is through limiting greenhouse gas emissions Green economics are therefore essential in the business world for continued sustainability.

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